Restore your shore

Engineered Solutions to Beach Erosion

There’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy, natural beach.

Beach Erosion Caution sign

EnviroShore Systems (ESS) Business Summary

ESS Company engages in the design, development, and installation of beach replenishment systems that counteract the causes of beach erosion naturally, using nature’s own energy to restore the shore.

Our goal is to build a solution to protect our critical shorelines, that require minimal to no follow up maintenance, and will protect for decades. Our erosion control systems are safe for people and wildlife, will not obstruct the natural beauty, and eventually “disappear” under the new sand accretion adding continuous protection and stability to the installation area.

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How an ESS works

Erosion Solutions – The idea behind how our systems work is simple. By reducing wave energy, you reduce the amount of sand that wave can carry. Sand drops out of suspension, onto your beach.

Because nature controls the resedimentation process, we end up with durable and resilient beaches that are better able to withstand storm surges and destructive weather events.

Unlike other remediation methods, ESS acts like a protective structure that maintains an optimal beach profile. All designed to attract and deposit sand onto the beach. This is all done without further intervention or continual maintenance schedules.

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Reverse Beach Erosion

“Critical Choices”.

The EnviroShore Systems, Inc. system (ESS) is a permanent solution. Currently there are very few options for government, communities and property owners to battle erosion, but only one is a permanent, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly solution. ESS.

We are not afraid of bad weather.

Unlike other methods, in the event of extreme weather, our systems will continue to work. In fact, severe weather tends to move more sand up and down the shoreline. The EnviroShore Stabilization System tends to fill faster during these times when there is more sand in the nearshore system.

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