Healthy Beaches Benefit Everyone

Did you know that everyday things you do can have an effect on the oceans and the seashore?

No matter where you live, California, Kansas or Connecticut, you’ve probably heard about the serious erosion problem that is affecting all of our coastlines. What you may not know is that you are affecting the health of our water, oceans and beaches.

The problem is that modern day living affects our environments in ways people may not normally think about. Like how our dams change the amount of river water and sediment reaching the deltas and wetlands; shoreline construction physically changes natural shoreline dynamics and water current flows; and our fertilizers and chemicals make their way into the oceans and beaches every time it rains –to name a few.

Making matters worse, many people may think this beach erosion problem is only a “rich homeowner’s” problem with that expensive beachfront property”, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Healthy beaches benefit everyone.

  • Probably the most important reason is that wide beaches and healthy coastlines provide a natural barrier that protects our inland fresh water table (drinking water and irrigation water for our food) by preventing salination of inland ground water, contamination, and slows depletion. But the list goes on– from tourism to turtle nesting habitat.

beachgoers enjoying the sun and surf

Of course, let’s not forget that people LOVE to recreate at the beach. Unfortunately, most of the beaches in the world are in decline due to erosion.

There is a solution.

EnviroShore Systems has “ESS technology” that reverses beach erosion and builds beaches using nature’s wave energy – without dredging, or building seawalls or rock groins.