Our Crew

Meet the Dedicated Crew!

EnviroShore Systems is fortunate to have a passionate, smart, and dedicated crew. Each crewmember brings a unique and complimentary skillset to the equation. Together we are solving beach erosion.

Kurt Heide, CEO

Kurt Heide
Chief Executive Officer


Kurt joined our team with 35+ years in finance and corporate management. His knowledge includes a background in accounting and a 17-year history as CEO of American Pioneer Mortgage. His leadership established the company as a AAA rated lender with tier 1 lending capability and $0.00 loan defaults. Kurt’s background includes corporate management positions at John Hancock, Citibank, World Savings and Community Federal Savings and Loan. He consistently doubled or tripled sales at every company and is most proud of his ability to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

He has extensive knowledge of the Florida real estate market (our home base), valuations and transactions and bring unique perspective to the value of recovering beaches. He was critical in structuring the business and getting ESS into the State of Florida’s project planning system.

He is the moral compass of any venture and his dedication to providing high quality service to his clients makes him the perfect CEO for EnviroShore System’s environmental projects. Kurt quickly proved to be both the “glue” that holds the team together and keeps us organized, and the “grease” by taking care of business so that the team members can focus on the science.

Guy Picard, President

Guy Picard
President; Chief of Construction and Materials Science

North Carolina

Guy has spent his life mastering and understanding the oceans. From his humble beginnings as a commercial fisherman in the treacherous Bearing Sea, to his deep understanding of underwater construction techniques. Guy is a certified SCUBA diver, for on-the-job and recreational.

Guy brings his experience in large scale construction management and large lift marine rigging.  He has travelled the world to investigate, design and implement erosion control systems. His devotion to conserving and repairing the shore has led him to implementing soft shore protection systems wherever needed.

Guy is the Sage of EnviroShore Systems. We rely on his unique experience and wisdom to guide us and avoid the pitfalls of battling erosion. To put it simply, he knows how to get the job done right.

Philip Kocsis, Chief Operation and Technology Officer

Philip Kocsis, B.S; M.B.A.
Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Connecticut/New England

For more than 45 years, Phil has studied nature’s solutions to solving problems and have always found these to be optimized. The more we understand nature and how interconnected the “system” is, we begin to appreciate the brilliance of studying natural solutions. As a child, he was fascinated by the oceans and coral reefs and became a certified SCUBA diver at 17 years old.

His ultimate goal is to bring “environmentally responsible, long-term, and quantifiable solutions” to market. The discipline required for making money implementing solutions and protecting our beaches are not mutually exclusive goals. Our beaches and shorelines are a precious and invaluable resource.

Phil is the beating heart of the EnviroShore Systems project. His experience in natural systems, beach erosion, loss of shoreline habitat and wetlands, the salinization of freshwater tables, reduction in biodiversity and fish stocks, eutrophication, and other human influences, allows the team to connect and better understand Mother Nature’s intended goal. Ever since Phil and Guy started EnviroShore Systems more than 10 years ago, our founding philosophy is to provide solutions to huge problems (like worldwide beach erosion) and leave the world better off than when we started.

Dr. Antonio de la Cruz, Executive Board Member; EnviroShore Systems Chief Scientific Officer

Antonio de la Cruz, B.Sc, M.Sc & Ph.D (Geology)
Executive Board Member; EnviroShore Systems Chief Scientific Officer
Director Técnico, Greenresults- International Marine Geology Consultants

Antonio de La Cruz, Project Manager of VisionGeo-Greenresults, provides consulting services in geological and environmental projects with partnerships developed with Visiongeo (remote sensing and GIS) and Prati Armati (green infrastructure, slope stability in lineal infrastructures, removal of erosion and restoration of mine tailings and landfill sites). As well as beach restoration with non-dredging techniques (economic, ecological, and permanent results).

Antonio has a Ph.D. in Petroleum Geology (Madrid University) and a M.Sc in Marine Geology and Geophysics (University of Cape town, South Africa) and B.Sc in Geology (Madrid Univ.). He is a master in understanding the complexities of beach dynamics and geographic information systems, bathymetric analysis, ArcGIS, GPS, spatial analysis, geomatics, and geology making him indispensable for analyzing critical EnviroShore System designs.

As Operations and Project Manager at the European Union Satellite Centre, EUSC he has developed a wide experience in environmental and security projects at international level.

Regarding his academic activities, he has been a lecturer of “Environmental Science” and “Global Change” at Saint Louis University (Madrid Campus). He was also a lecturer in “Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Environmental Monitoring” at Universidad de Salamanca (Madrid Campus).

In addition to the massive breadth and depth of scientific knowledge he brings to EnviroShore Systems, Dr. de la Cruz is an absolute pleasure to work with. His curiosity, positivity, passion and excitement are contagious.