The Process for Getting an ESS on Your Beach

The EnviroShore Stabilization System – The Process

EnviroShore Systems has a three-step process we use to solve an area’s erosion problem. The essential steps are listed below.

  1. Initial evaluation.
  2. Next, determine the data collection needs to engineer a system for your site and begin the design process.
  3. Permits are granted, and the ESS is installed.

Designing a system to stop beach erosion is a complicated process that our engineers live for. Our Geoscientist will use large amounts of environmental data and water, current, weather and historical data collected for the beach that will be recovered. We’ll even use pictures from the air, satellite data, and under water (SONAR scans and bathymetric data) to understand your beach.

Next is the install. The system is made from carefully selected, commonly used, materials that will not “negatively affect” the environment. In most cases, the installation is done with without heavy equipment. Our process uses labor and light equipment to protect the fragile seashore.


Erosion is stopped as soon as the system is built. Sand begins to return in hours, days and months, not years. The largest system ever put in was built in Saudi Arabia (1999) by an American contractor HTI (Holmberg Technologies). This particular system brought back 25 years’ worth of lost beach sand in 18 months. It’s still working today and the beautiful beach it recovered can be seen from the Google Earth Satellite.

After installation – Ongoing monitoring by us or third party engineering firms will be instituted.