Enviroshore Systems – About Us

Severe scarping, strong currents and beach erosion is common the world over. (Photo: Jensen Beach, FL)

EnviroShore Systems, Inc. uses proven technology that we call the “EnviroShore Stabilization System”, or (ESS), that reverses beach erosion and builds beaches using nature’s wave energy.

The basic principle behind ESS is that (high energy) fast moving water carries more sand in suspension than slower moving water. By slowing down but not stopping the current flow, like traditional “hard structures” do, sand drops out of suspension and rebuilds the beach around the ESS. Intriguingly, this is exactly how nature works to build healthy, stable beaches.

“Professionals, in many fields, are finding that the more a “man-made solution” imitates nature, the more permanent and positive will be the results.”

EnviroShore Systems, Inc.
Beautiful, healthy beach is able to withstand the elements (Nat’l Seashore, Cape Cod)

We carefully engineer every ESS to the needs of the specific site location. The system mimics the contour of healthy bottoms allowing for those beaches to grow again. Once the area around the system is filled with sand, the ESS continuously provides sand for adjacent beaches both up and down-stream from the installation, referred to as a “feeder beach”.

Erosion is stopped and the area begins to stabilize immediately after the system is installed. Sand begins to return in hours, days and months, not years. If the sand is moved due to an extreme weather event and the system is exposed, the system just begins the accretion process all over again.

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